F Grade Electrical Insulation Paper For Motor

6641 F-DMD is a three- layer flexible composite material ,produced by using F-class adhesive to adhere the two faces of high-melt-point polyerster film (mylar)with hot rolling non-woven polyester fabric (Dacron), It ie syit able for slot,, liner, phase, and turn-to -turn insulation in electrical motors. it can also be used as interlayer insulation in transformer and other electrical appliances.

Product Details

F-DMD 6641 insulation for motors

Product Type:6641 F-DMD Flexible Laminates
Material:Polyester film with Non-woven fabric
Type:Electrical insulation
Vicata:F Grade 
Feature:Elxcellent electrical, mechanical, impreganting and heat-resistant properties.
Application:Insulation for transformer, electrical motor and other electrical appliances.
Color:Red, blue, pink, white, green.
Width:Widest 1500mm

F-DMD transformer insualtion paperF-DMD motor insulation polyester film

Normal thicknessmm0.
Normal grammageg/㎡115±13145±17190±22220±26260±31350±42425±51560±67
Pet film thicknessµm255075100125190250350
Tensile strength

Adhesive property 180±2℃,10 min no delamination, blister, or adhesive flowTemperature index (T.I) :155±2℃(F-DMD)

slot insulation for motor F-DMDElectrical paper for motor

We have a professional production of composite machines, the thickness can be you from 0.08mm to 0.41mm, the packaging can be customized.

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