Transformer Winding Diamond Dotted Paper DDP

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Product Details

Description: DDP is produced by coating modified epoxy-resin in diamond-dotted patterns on both sides of electrical insulating paper (Kraft paper is derived from Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Ltd., the biggest manufacturer of insulating paper who sets the standard of China Kraft Papers). 

DDP insulation layer winding paper

DDP is a kind of inertia material, dry and no conglutination at normal temperature (below 30'C). DDP Insulation paper will make the electric conductor felt up as a hard unit under the high temperature by its internal latency substance. Diamond dotted paper is also referred as diamond pattern paper, diamond pattern resin coated paper, epoxy adhesive diamond paper, diamond coated Kraft paper, diamond dotted insulating paper, varnished paper, etc.

diamond dotted ktaft paperDDP for oil transformer


One side coatingum6~12

Moisture content%4.0~8.0

Ash content%≤1.0

Water extraction of Electrical conductitymS/m≤10

PH Water extract

Oil absorption%≥20

Bond strengthKpa≥650

Tensile strength N/10mmTD60100110130160200≥250


Forms of supply

1) Avaliable width: DDP strip minimum 4mm to master roll 1900mm.

2) Curing condition for Hecheng DDP:  cured for 90℃ ± 5℃ by 3 hours first, then for 125℃ ± 5℃ by 6 hours.

3) Storage and Shelf life: Minimum 12 mouths, to be stored in dry, clean warehouse, avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Certificationsmanufacturer of insulation paper for transformer

Machine Parts

Name: Diamond dotted presspaper 

Color:  Red

Original: China

Hecheng DDP can also be supplied in the "thermally upgraded" version, which is called TU DDP.It is achieved by adding a small quantity of nitrogenous additive.

Main Features

Name: Diamond dotted presspaper 
Brand: Yellow
Original: China
Electrical grade diamond dotted insulating paper with "B" stage epoxy resin dots.

DDPkraft insulation paper with resin

Machine Parts

Name: Diamond dotted presspaper 
Brand: Natural 
Original: China
Hecheng's test of insulation paper according to IEC60652-3-2:2008

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Packing & Deliveryhechin insulation paper manufacturer
Size1.1M (L) * 1.1M (W) 
Weight2.2 KG
Packaging Details1.sealed packing with cardboard protection in roll, sea worthy plywood pallet shipping; 
2.800kg-1000kg per pallet .
3.pallet size 1100x1100x1250mm (for width 1000mm coil) 
4.Conveyance: 10 tons/20ft, 20tons/40HQ(no more than 27tons)

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