Electrical Insulating Polyester Film

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Electrical insulating polyester film

polyester film

Polyester film is mostly transparent while for thicker films very often a milky film is used for optical reasons. Polyester films have a very good mechanical strength and are resistant against the most oils, grease and solvents used in the transformer- and motor-industry. Under normal circumstances polyester film has a very long life cycle and could be used within a temperature range of - 60°C and + 180°C.

Our insulation film is a polyester film with excellent insulation, mechanical, chemical and thermal features. These films offer great processibility and come in different thicknesses. It is widely used for electrical insulation in the following applications:

Cable Insulation
General Insulation
Compressor Insulation – HVAC Units, Refrigerators,
Motor Insulation

1) Thickness: 0.025mm-0.35mm
2) Width: 500-2000mm 
3) Length: Max. 12000/24000M/36000M 
4) Standard export pallet packing 
5) Applications: electrical insulation

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