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Hecheng offers different insulation banding tapes, such as cotton tape, heat shrinkable tape, non-alkali fiberglass tape. This material is mainly used for the banding of coils, such as the outside of teh coil, the head, the transposition, and other parts of the electromechanical products such as transformers, and motors during the manufacturing process, as well as in the body.


1.Electrical cotton tape is made of combed cotton yarn and wiven through a high-speed machine. It is soft textured but with good toughness. It is mainly used for insulation binding of transformers, motors and other eletrical appliance. Width available from 15mm-30mm. Both herringbone type and tabby type are in offer. 


2.Heat shrinkable tape is a kind of insulation binding material made of special high shrinkage polyester fiber woven. It has a certain degree of chemical resistance and insulation property, very high shrinkage and hot tensile strength. This material is easy to use and can be instead of cotton tape. The advantage is that the coils are more tied and fastened; no dipping is required; there is no slack, shedding phenomenon, and no contamination of the transformer oil.


3.No-alkali fiberglass tape is made of glass fiber and has the advantages of good insulation performance, high temperature resistance, etc. It is an insulating and binding material essential for motors or electrical appliances. It makes the motor obtain superior insulation performance, prolong its service life, and reduce its volume and weight. It can also be used for central air-conditioning heating pipe and other flame-retardant high temperature equipment. Wide fiberglass tapes are generally uesd for large electrical equirement such as cables or large transformers.


electrical insulation banding cotton twill tapeelectrical insulation banding cotton twill tape

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