DMD Insulation Paper/non-woven Fabric And Polyester Film

DMD is suitable for, liner, phase, and turn-to-turn insulation inelectrical motors. It can be used as interlayer insulation in transformers and other electrical appliances.

Product Details


DMD is made of two layers of polyester fiber paper with one of polyester film. It is a three-layer combined material. It shows excellent mechanical and electrical properties and good heat resistance.

Temperature classification: B class 130C/ F class 155C

H-DMD (180C) available on request

Certification: ISO9001, SGS, UL

Characteristic: As slot, interurn and liner insualtion of B grade electrical machine and electrical equipment.

Color: White, blue, red, pink, watermelon red, green

Origin: China

H.S.code: 3921909090

DMD insulation materials

Competitive advantages

1.We directly supply our insulation materials to many countries, like USA, France, Turkey, Iran, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico etc.

2. Our insulation material has a wide application, such as automotive industry, transformer, motor and other electrical appliance etc.

3. We have a wide range of insulation material, such as DDP, DMD, DM, NMN, AMA, NHN,NKN, and so on.

4. We could customize insulation material for our customer.

Test and stock

1. Standard: GB/T5591.3.1-2008 and IEC 626-2.

2. Storage:≤40℃, dry, clean in warehouse. Avoid fire, heat and sunlight.

3. Storage life: 12 months. Still effective if qualified in retest after 12 months.

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