DM Motor Insulation Materials

DM Motor Insulation Materials
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F grade DM 6633 electric motor winding insulation paper

6633 DM electric motor winding insulation paper

1.6633 DM insulation paper composition:

6633 DM insulation paper material is a soft two-layer composite material composed of a layer of longitudinal polyester fiber non-woven fabric and a transparent or milky white polyester film bonded with F-grade resin (polyurethane glue). Good impregnation properties of the nonwoven fabric and good dielectric strength of the polyester film.

2.6633 DM Insulation Paper Features and Performance:

6633 DM insulation material has smooth surface, environmental protection, non-toxicity, non-corrosiveness, heat resistance and high temperature resistance.

It has good mechanical and electrical properties, good insulation, high pull-up property, strong impact resistance, good impact force.

Temperature class F ( 155 ° C).

3.6633 DM insulation paper application:

6633 DM insulation material is used in low-voltage motors, power tools, electrical appliances for slot insulation, gasket insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, phase-to-phase insulation and wedge insulation , or transformer interlayer insulation, suitable for automatic winding machine processing.

4.6633 DM insulation paper storage:

≤40℃, dry, clean in warehouse. Avoid fire, heat and sunlight. 12 months. Still effective if qualified in retest after 12 months.

5.6633 DM insulation paper product parameters:

Width: 1000mm, 1220mm, can be customized

Thickness: 0.08-0.41mm

Die size: conventional 76mm

Color: green, pink, blue, natural, watermelon red, red

Working temperature: F grade 155 °C

dm (2)DMD blueDM              DMD greenDMD watermelon red