Pure Aramid Paper

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Aramid Paper is a high-temperature resistant insulation product with an excellent balance of physical and electrical properties. Aramid paper is a calendared insulating paper which offers high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience. This paper is made entirely from synthetic meta-aramid polymer (polymetaphenyleneisophthalic amide) in two physical forms: short fibers (floc) and microscopic fibrous binder particles (fibrids).

Aramid Paper

Aramid paper is widely used in two major end uses including (i) insulation for electrical equipment applications in liquid and dry transformers, motors, and generators and (ii) structural composites.

It has superior electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties, puncture resistance, tear resistance, waer resistance, lacquer resistance, moisture resistance, thermal conductivity, and excellent thermal stability.

Paper is available in the following Thickness:

Thickness             width

2mil                   1000mm

3mil                   1000mm

5mil                   1000mm

7mil                   914mm

10mil                 980mm

12mil                 980mm

15mil                 980mm

Technical data:

Aramid Paper