Insulating In Transformers Ama Laminates

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Insulating in transformers ama laminates

insulating in transformers ama laminates

AMA composite material is a three-ply flexible laminate consisting of pet film coated on both sides with Aramid fiber paper., AMA also can replace NMN, shows high thermal resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and electrical properties, it is designed for automatic insertion machine.

AMA is mainly used as a slot liner, slot closure, phase-to-phase and turn-to-turn insulation in low or medium voltage electrical motors of class F (155) or class H(180) insulation system, in addition, it's also used as interlayer insulation in transformers and other electrical machines and appliances.

Thickness: 0.13mm 0.15mm 0.17mm 0.19mm 0.22mm 0.24mm 0.31mm 0.37mm 0.47mm

Width 914 or 1000mm, sheets strips (width5mm)

Aramid paper


  1. Temperature classification: Class F

  2. thickness:0.15-0.50mm

  3. Width:905mm

  4. Features: For H class motor and generator insulation between the groove, can also be used betwwen layers of dry -type transformers, the interval insulation.

  5. color: Nomex paper with a yellow line or orange line

  6. It is widely used as the slot insulation and insulation between phases for Y-series motors.