Aramid Paper Polyimide Film Laminates

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aramid paper polyimide film laminates

aramid paper polyimide film laminates

For superb multi-layer laminated material for electrical/electronics insulation, Hechin offers laminates of aramid paper and Kapton. These can include Aramid-Kapton (AK) and Aramid-Kapton-Aramid (AKA).

Araimd-Kapton laminates in two-ply or three-ply consist of aramid paper laminated to Kapton polyimide film. These laminates have exceptional mechanical strength and flexibility.


Good dielectric properties

High heat resistance

Thermal endurance and Class H categorization

Availability in narrow widths

Typical Applications: 

Ideal for use as slot, phase, turn-to-turn, liner, and barrier insulation in rotating motors and other machines

Transformer and inductor windings

Very popular in motor and other electrical applications

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