AMA Mylar Aramid Paper NMN For HV Motors

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Product Application

The AMA Flexible laminate is a three-layer flexible composite material, produced by using F-class adhesive to adhere the polyester film (Mylar) with Aramid paper (A) on both side. It has excellent heat-resistant, dielectrical property, and superior mechanical properties. 

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The AMA is suitable for slot, liner, phase, and turn-to -turn insulation in F-class electrical motors. It can br used as interlayer insulation in transformer and other electrical appliances.


AMA HV insulation laminates paper

Main Features

1) Excellent heat-resistsnt, dielectrical property , superior mechanial properties.

2) In according with GB/T5591.3-2008 and IEC626-3.

3) Adhesive property in 205 ℃ by 8 hours and T.1 180 ℃ avaliable on request.


AMA electrical paper NMN HECHENG IN CHINA

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AMA NMN phase insulation paper

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