Polyester Green Insulation Fish Paper

Electrical composite polyester film is compounded of 2 or more layers of PET polyester film via Fadhesive.

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Polyester green insulation fish paper

1 What is 6520/6521 insulation fish paper thermal paper rolls?

Details of composite polyester film :

Electrical composite polyester film is compounded of 2 or more layers of PET polyester film via Fadhesive. This product has excellent mechanical strength, good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, and strong deflection, and it is suitable for mechanized insert slot. And it is mainly used for dry-type transformer low voltage coil between the sleeve, and can also be used for the motor or other high voltage apparatus.


2 what is the technical of 6520/6521 insulation fish paper thermal paper rolls ?

Electrical composite polyester film recommended width of 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1900mm, 2000mm.It can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

3 what is the application of 6520/6521 insulation fish paper thermal paper rolls ?

It is suitable for eletrical insulation, such as slot insulation, interphase insulation and liner insulation in electric motor, wrapping insulation for coils and cables and cables, as well as producing insulating flexible composite material.


polyester green insulation fish paper


(1). Q: Can you give me a discount price?

A: It is depending on the volume. 

(2). Q: Why is your price higher than other suppliers?

A:  We can offer the products of different quality levels depends on customer’s target price and quality requirement.

(3). Q: How can I get a sample?

A: Sample free .

(4). Q: How can you guarantee the quality of mass production is same with the sample sent to me before?

A: Our process will  base on the samples which is the same as yours. 

We carry out full inspection and testing before/during/after production, which testing records are all kept for 2 years. Tracking of every batch of cargo is accomplished by these records. 

Thus products improvements or OEM are easily made according to every customer’s unique needs.

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