Diamond Dotted Polyester Film

Diamond Dotted Polyester Film
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Diamond Dotted Polyester Film

Description: DDP adhesive specialty polyester film is modified epoxy resin showed DDP -shaped insulating coating on electrical baked polyester film into a stage of semi-curing the insulation material. As the diamond on a plastic resin coated polyester film is not the whole point of it was like, no coating is very conducive to the passage of air between the insulating material exclusion and liquid immersion, so that partial discharge corona damage and to minimize the damage value. 

Advantage: It has excellent electrical, mechanical, and impregnating properties, no deformation after thermosetting. It also has excellent tensile strength, reliable heat resistance and good voltage characteristic.

Application: Be in gas or oil insulation system for insulation layer. It is mainly used for sulfur hexafluoride transformer and the transformer layer insulation and turn insulation.


• Thermal class:  B(130℃) & H(180℃)

• Thickness:  0.02-0.10mm

• Standard width: 1000mm (or according to customers’ requirements)

• Color: red

• Form: roll, sheet, and strip

• Superiority: Reasonable price, high quality, prompts delivery, and excellent service.

Product curing conditions: 

90℃±5℃/16 hours; or 110℃±5℃/6hours


Should be stored in a temperature of not higher than 25℃, dry, ventilated and clean environment, and should avoid high temperatures and sunlight. The storage period is six month; over the storage period of the examination, successful applicants an still be used.

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