Polyester Film With Diamond Resin Transformer

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It is also known as DPF. The use of this B-stage resin coated film increases the mechanical strength of transformer coils. it is produced by coating modified epoxy resin in diamond dot patterns on electrical insulating film. the size of the dots are carefully designed and arranged to cover only 36% of the surface, remaining 64% free for optimum SF6 gas distribution.


Nominal thicknessmm0.050.750.10
Thickness tolerancemm±0.005±0.01±0.01
Standard widthmm1000mm

Tensile StrengthN/10mmLengthwise≥100≥110≥150
Breakdown voltageKV≥6≥8≥9
Bond strengthKpa≥350

Curing temperature and time
90℃ ±5℃/16h or 130℃ ±5℃/6h

Storage life 
6 months, room temperature, dry and well-ventilated enviroment

DDM application

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