Polyester Film With Fish Paper Flexible Composite Material

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6520 /6521 Polyester film/Fish paper Flexible Composite Material

Polyester film with Fish paper

According to GB/T5591.3.1-2008  IEC626-2  

Description:6520/6521 polyester film composite electrical insulation paper is a two-layer flexible laminate. It is produced by using B-class adhesive(heat-resistant epoxy resin) to adhere fish paper(Made of 100% wood pulp) with polyester film. 

Advantages: This product has excellent mechanical strength, electric strength, reliable heat resistance and good impregnation property. It also has excellent tensile strength, acid-free and good voltage characteristic. Providing slitting service.

Applications: It is used in small motor, low-voltage motor, generator, and slot, phase, turn to turn and liner insulation in Class E-B motor and electrical appliances. And other electrical insulation with temperature requirement not exceeding 130℃.


• Thermal class: B(130℃)

• Thickness:  0.12-0.60mm

• Standard width: 1000mm  (or according to customers’ requirements)

• Color:  green, blue, and brown 

• Form:  roll, sheet, and strip  

• Adhesive property: 155℃±2℃, 10 minutes no delamination, blister, or adhesive flow.

• Superiority: competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service.

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