Epoxy-resin Prepreg GHG Flexible Laminates

Epoxy-resin Prepreg GHG Flexible Laminates
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Epoxy-resin Prepreg GHG Flexible Laminates

Polyimide film with alkali-free Glass cloth

In accordance with GB/T5591.3.1-2008

Description: The Epoxy-resin Prepreg GHG/glass fiber fabrics and polyimide composite material is a three-layer flexible composite material, which is consisting of alkali-free glass cloth and polyimide film in impregnation of high temperature resistant H-class epoxy-resin produced by baking. GHG-P is for short.

Advantage: GHG-P can be stocked a long time at room temperature. It has low curing temperature, fast curing features. This material has outstanding heat-resistance and good dielectrical, and mechanical properties; it is easy to penetrate and has high adhesion. It is H-class insulation materials. It also has excellent tensile strength, good voltage characteristic, low shrinkage rate and flame retardant properties

Application: It is suitable for layer insulation of H-class dry-type transformers and slot, liner and turn-to-turn insulation of H-class motors.


• Thermal class:  H(180℃)

• Thickness:  0.13-0.35mm

• Standard width: 1000mm  (or according to customers’ requirements)

• Form: Roll 

• Curing time: 130℃ 5h; 140℃ 4h; 150℃ 3h

• Superiority: competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service.

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